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Altar Bread 1-1/2" Gluten Free

  • $39.95


Altar Bread containing less than 20 parts per million of gluten content. 1-½ inch diameter with embossed cross design. Recommended for use by all church denominations. Packaged 50 hosts in a clearly labeled and sealed plastic jar for easy to identify storage. Our GlutenFreeHosts have a shelf life of over a year, and should be kept sealed for freshness. Disclaimer: It is up to the individual to determine what is safe and appropriate. Please refer to your local Celiac Society and your doctor before consuming any product. Note: Certified by The Bishop's Council in the UK as compliant with the Liturgical Rules of the Roman Catholic Church. This Altar Bread contains Gluten content of 20 part per million or less making it much safer than other Catholic use Altar Breads typically at upwards of 200 parts per million. Although termed gluten free, this host still has trace amounts of gluten. In the Catholic Church, trace amounts of wheat (which is the source of gluten) are required.